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Welcome at Fonzer’s statuspage. On this page you will find the status of our Cloud Communications platform, including maintenance updates and incidents.

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If you wish to report an unmentioned issue with one of our services, please raise a ticket at

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Past Incidents

4th June 2023

No incidents reported

3rd June 2023

No incidents reported

2nd June 2023

Incoming Calls Incoming calls to Queue

Incoming calls to queue might be delayed or have audio issues when picked up. We are currently investigating and working on a solution. Incoming calls that don't land on a queue don't seem to be affected.

  • Recent tests proved no more issues with the queues.

  • Panel Panel response is occasionally slow and queues have performance issues

    Panel occasionally does not load all assets.

  • All issues have been resolved, no more incidents reported.

  • The performance issues of the panel seem to be resolved.

    We are still awaiting official response of the interconnect party involved.

  • Issue has been identified as being caused by a nightly maintenance at our 3rd party cross-datacenter connect provider.

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